Worth My Site v1.9.9 - Website Value Calculator

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Worth My Site v1.9.9 - Website Value Calculator

Worth My Site – Website Value Calculator gives a complete information about your website, our unique algorithm will calculate and estimate the daily visitors, pagerank, traffic details, alexa rank, google page rank, WHOIS info, host information and social stats etc.. The reports can be viewed not only on the site, but they can also be downloaded as PDF file.

Main Features

- Generate report as PDF file (Check Sample Report File)
- Estimate website vaule
- Estimate website pageviews, unique visitors and ad income
- Widget Code
- Social stats checker
- Google Page Rank and Backlinks Counter
- Alexa Information
- Various Search Engines, Indexed Pages Result
- Domain age with WHOIS info
- Meta Tags Information
- Domain IP blacklist checker
- Website screen preview
- Host information with ISP
- Average response time of site
- gTLD whois support
- Bad Word Filter
- Offline / Online checker
- Google Safe Browsing checker
- Website antivirus checker
- Captcha protection system
- Oauth login system (Facebook and Google)
- User Management System
- Support Theme customization / Custom coded themes
- Inbuilt Share IT widget
- One-Click Ads integration (Google Adsense ready)
- Fully translatable to any language
- XML Sitemap generator
- Full SEO-friendly URL
- Google analytics support
- Responsive design
- Advance Mailer for Account Activation, Password reset etc..
- Support both SMTP and Navite PHP mail
- Contact page for visitors to contact you easily
- Powerfull admin control panel
- Create unlimited custom pages (eg.About US, Blog etc?)
- Inbuilt Easy Installer Panel
- and many more included?

Admin Panel Features

- Inbuilt pageview and unique visitor counter
- Complete User management
- Advanced statistics counter for Indexed Domians / Users!
- Clean and responsive admin panel
- Admin login history
- SEO settings such as Site name, Site slogan, Site meta description etc..
- Ads control panel (Ads with prefect spots to increase click?s)
- Support blocking of specific domains.
- Ban specific user IP from accessing the site
- Modify custom pages with advance WYSIWYG Editor
- Rebuild sitemap with one click
- Miscellaneous Task’s
(i.e Clear all Indexed Domains, Accounts etc with one click)
- Efficient admin panel (Highly customizable)


Client Side Demo:

Admin panel demo

Admin username: [email protected]
Admin password: password

Note: Some feature are disabled for security reasons. Also site hosted on shared hosting. so don’t expect faster load.

Sample Report Demo


Bulk Upload – Addon

SEO friendly URL

SEO friendly URL gives better keyword ranking and user friendly analyzing system. XML Sitemap also helps to index all analyzed site with popular search engines.



- PHP 5.4.0 or above
- PDO and MySQLI extension
- WHOIS Port 43 must be allowed
- Multibyte String support (mbstring)
- Higher execution time
- file_get_contents() must be allowed.
- GD extension (captcha protection / PDF generator)
- Rewrite module (optional).

Free Screenshot API

You don’t need to spend bucks for generating website screenshot. We providing 99% uptime guarantee free website screenshot service, for free of charge. Read TOS

Easy Installation

- No advanced technical knowledge required.
- Attractive installer panel
- Also only few seconds and clicks are needed to install the script.

Note: Script works only on main (or) sub domain, Don’t try on sub directory ! .


Version v1.9.9b [19/07/2021]

- Updated: Traffic Rank Section
- Updated: Search Engine Traffic / Keyword Section

Version v1.9.9a [20/06/2020]

- Updated: Social media library

Version v1.9.9 [07/04/2020]

- Updated: Whois Class
- Updated: Alexa Rank library
- Fixed: Google Index Count Issue
- Some minor bugs

Version v1.9.8 [27/05/2019]

- Fixed: Google Index Count Issue

Version v1.9.7 [14/05/2019]

- Updated: Alexa Rank library
- Updated: Safe Browsing APIs (v4)
- Updated: WHOIS Class
- Some minor bugs

Version v1.9.6 [05/02/2019]

- Updated: Alexa Rank library
- Fixed: HTTPS issues at report page
- Some minor bugs

Version v1.9.5 [27/11/2018]

- Updated: Alexa Rank library
- Updated: Social media class
- Fixed: Widget HTTPS Issues

Version v1.9 [11/05/2018]

- Updated: Snapshot Libraries
- Updated: Google Index Checker
- Fixed: Admin Panel HTTPS Issues

Version v1.8 [19/04/2017]

- Updated: FB OAuth Library
- Updated: Moz API Functions
- Fixed: Admin Panel - Sitemap Bugs

Version 1.7 [26/01/2017]

- Improved: Worth Valuation Algorithm
- Updated: PHPMailer Library
- Updated: CKEditor (Page Editor) 
- Fixed: Insecure JS /CSS links
- Code Clean Up

Version 1.6 [28/06/2016]

- New: Worth Calculator Algorithm Updated (PageRank replaced into MozRank)
- New: Google CSE API v2
- New: PDF Report updated with Moz Stats
- Fixed: Incorrect AVG Status
- Fixed: Tweet Counter Status
- Fixed: Incorrect backlink status
- Fixed: Missing FB Email Field (Oauth)
- Fixed: Admin Panel - Sitemap Bugs
- Fixed: Special Characters Bug at PDF Report
- Removed: Pagerank status (Officially discontinued by Google)
- Some minor UI improvement

Version 1.5 [07/09/2015]

- Added: New Whois Class with 300+ TLD Support
- Added: New Domain Age Parser
- Added: Moz API Class
- Added: Domain Authority and Page Authority Score
- Added: Admin Password Reset
- Improved Installation Process
- Improved Domain Analyzer (2x Faster)
- Improved: PDF Generator (Latest Version of TCPDF)
- Latest version of CKEDITOR
- Fixed: Alexa Backlinks Count
- Fixed: Sign Up - Email Checker Issues
- Removed: Yahoo Directory Checker
- Some minor bugs fix
- Code Clean Up

Version 1.4 [03/04/2015]

- Added: DomDocument UTF8 support
- Updated WHOIS server list
- Improved Support of Special Characters on PDF Report
- Minior Security Bugs Fixed
- Code Clean Up

Version 1.3 [03/02/2015]

- Added: Bad Words Filter
- Added: New 20+ gTLD WHOIS Servers
- Added: AJAX based Bulk Upload Feature [Addon]
- Added: Easy Logo / Favicon Changer at Admin Panel 
- Added: Copyright Text Box at Admin Panel 
- Improved invalid domain detection
- Improved site worth calculation 
- Bug Fixed: Permanent solution for Google IP ban's
- Bug Fixed: Widget size problem for longer domains. 
- Other minor bugs fixed.

Version 1.2 [04/12/2014]

- Improved site worth calculation
- Improved to support special characters on Meta Tags
- CSS optimization done
- Bug Fixed: Crashing Image Verifications
- Bug Fixed: Sitemap not working
- Other minor bugs fixed.

Version 1.1 [24/10/2014]

- Improved site preview algorithm
- Improved site worth calculation
- Documentation updated for Google and Facebook Oauth Setup
- Bug Fixed: Captcha not working
- Bug Fixed: Widget code in Money Format
- Bug Fixed: Dashboard Links 
- Other minor bugs fixed.

Version 1.0

- initial release

Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/worth-my-site-website-value-calculator/9184874

Other Download Links:


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